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Because you ARE good enough.  Because you ARE worthy.  Because you DO matter.

If you're still struggling with your worth, then you haven't tried THIS.

The real key to love and acceptance is yours!

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6 Things I Wish I Knew BEFORE I Started My Yoga Training

“Love is the ultimate state of a human being where compassion prevails and kindness rules.” - Yogi Bhajan Upon returning from a month in Bali to write my book, I immediately started researching this funny word I had just learned about. Kundalini Yoga What...

What do you REALLY Desire? My workshops start . . . NOW!

“Desire is our divine impulse to evolve. Desire leads the way home.” ~ Danielle LaPorte The Desire Map started out as a book written by Danielle LaPorte.  From there, it became the driver of over 500 book clubs around the world. At the heart of it all?  A...

Is It Time For A Make-Over

“The power of intention is the power of love and receptivity.  It asks nothing of anyone, it judges no one, and it encourages others to be free to be themselves.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer This year would be different.  I told myself as I walked alone into my...