Jennifer Grant
Speaker • Author • Yogi
Video taken at her book launch on Nov 24, 2014

As a Speaker, Jen will inspire you to live the life you deserve and one that you can love. You’ll walk away ready to take action toward a happy and fulfilling life!

Watch Jen as she passionately shares the truth of who you are and what you need to do.

Available Now As a Writer and Author, Jen shares with you through her first book, Dying to be Good Enough.

“A must read for every woman who has ever doubted herself or thought ‘there’s got to be more to life than this.’ Through the stories Jennifer shares, you will discover the beauty in the life you already have and how to step into the more meaningful life you’ve always wanted.”

A passionate yogi and teacher at heart, Jen is wrapping up her certification to teach Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. More info coming soon about where you can find her classes locally. Stay tuned! “Love is the ultimate state of human behavior where compassion prevails and kindness rules.” — Yogi Bhajan
Because you ARE good enough. Because you ARE worthy. Because you DO matter. If you're still struggling with your worth, then you haven't tried THIS.
YES!! I want the key to real love and acceptance!

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